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Please select your choice from the list below. Decimals are also accepted for non packaged products (12 bottles of water x 0.5 QTY = 6 bottles) Since some Brands are not always available, substitutions may occasionally be necessary. NOTE: No refunds on leftover items.

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  • Canned foods
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Peas-Carrots 400gr White Beans 400gr
    Red Beans 400gr String Beans 400gr
    Green Peas 400gr Soy Beans 280gr
    Hearts of Palm 425gr Corn 400gr
    Mushrooms 400gr Olives 1 kg
    Srained Crushed Tomatoes 400gr Peeled Tomatoes 400gr
    Tomato Paste 400gr Fruit coktail 850gr
    Peaches 850gr Apricots 850gr
    Pineapple Sliced 250gr Corned Beef 340gr
    Sausages Cocktail 400gr Sausages Frankfurters 400gr
    Country Pate 150gr Mackerel 170gr
    Sardines in oil 100gr Crab 115gr
    Shrimp 115gr Octopus 200gr
    Squid 425gr Luncheon Meat 340gr
    Tuna Salad 165gr Tuna in Oil 185gr
    Tuna in Water 185gr
  • Dairy & Eggs
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Butter 250gr Butter - Slightly Salted 250gr
    Margarine 250gr Milk - 0% fat 1/2lt
    Milk - 1.5% fat 1lt Milk 1lt
    Cream 250gr Yogurt - Light 200gr
    Yogurt - Whole 200gr Yogurt - With Fruits 200gr
    Camembert 125gr Emmental 1 kg
    Edam 1kg Blue Cheese 125gr
    Cream Cheese 12 pcs Grated Cheese 250gr
    Eggs x 6
  • Breakfast
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Rusks 250gr Toast Bread 350gr
    Fresh Bread 1kg Powdered Chocolate 250gr
    Filter Coffee 250gr Coffee Filters 1x2
    Instant Coffee 100gr Tea 20 teabags
    Marmalade Apricot 340gr Marmalade Orange 340gr
    Marmalade Strawberry 340gr Honey 460gr
    Corn Flakes 375gr Rice Crispies 375gr
    All Bran 375gr Muesli 375gr
  • Meat
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Lamb Chops 1kg Pork Chops 1kg
    Rib Steak 1kg Whole Roast Chicken
    Chicken Legs 1kg Turkey Cutlets 1kg
    Beef Burger 1kg Spicy Sausage 1kg
    Sausage 1kg Cured Sausage 250gr
    Garlic Flavored 250gr Ham 1kg
    Bacon 1 kg Salami 1kg
  • Staples
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Tortelini 250gr Spaghetti 500gr
    Ketchup 300gr Rice 500gr
    Rice - Uncle Ben's 500gr Flour 1kg
    Mayonnaise - Kraft 500gr Mustard 500gr
    Dressing Catalina Dressing 1000 Islands 250gr
    Salt 400gr Pepper 50gr
    Paprika 50gr Oregano 50gr
    Green Olives 350gr Black Olives 350gr
    Baby Pickles 400gr Sugar 1kg
    Olive Oil 1lt Cooking Oil 1lt
    Corn Oil 1lt Vinegar 1/2lt
    Buillon Cubes - Vegetable 12pcs Buillon Cubes - Chicken 12pcs
    Buillon Cubes - Beef 12pcs    
  • Instant soup
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Beef 85gr Chicken 85gr
    Vegetable 85gr Shrimp 85gr
    Mushroom 85gr    
  • Beverages
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Bitter Lemon 24 x 0.33 lt Coca Cola 24 x 0.33 lt
    Coca Cola Light 24 x 0.33 lt Lipton Ice Tea 24 x 0.33 lt
    7-UP or Sprite 24 x 0.33 lt Tonic Water 24 x 0.33 lt
    Fanta Orange 24 x 0.33 lt Pure Fruit Cocktail Juice 1lt
    Pure Grapefruit Juice 1lt Pure Orange Juice 1lt
    Pure Pineaaple Juice 1lt Sparkling Mineral Water 24 x 0.25lt
    Sparkling Mineral Water 1lt Perrier Water 0.75lt
    Water (plastic bottle) 12 x 1.5lt    
  • Local specialties
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    White Wine - Lac de Roche 0.75lt White Wine - Hatzimichalis 0.75lt
    Rose Wine - Mateus 0.75lt Rose Wine - Hatzimichalis 0.75lt
    Red Wine - Hatzimichalis 0.75lt Red Wine - Lazaridis 0.75lt
    Retsina Wine - Demestica 0.70lt Ouzo Tsantali 0.70lt
    Brandy Metaxa 5* 0.75lt Beer Mythos 24 x 0.33lt
    Local Wine 0.75lt Stuffed Wine Leaves 280gr
    Greek Feta Cheese 1kg Tzatziki Salad 250gr
  • Fruits & Vegetables
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Onions 1kg Spring Onions 1kg
    Lettuce each Potatoes 1kg
    Carrots 1kg Eggplants 1kg
    Tomatoes 1kg Cucumbers each
    Garlic each Fresh Basil bunch
    Green Peppers 1kg Zucchini 1kg
    Cabbage 1kg Avocado 1kg
    Lemons 1kg Peaches 1kg
    Apricots 1kg Grapes White 1kg
    Grapes Red 1kg Strawberries 1kg
    Cherries 1kg Watermelons 1kg
    Melons 1kg Apples 1kg
    Pears 1kg Oranges 1kg
    Grapefruits 1kg Bananas 1kg
  • Alcoholic beverages
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Stella Artois Beer 6 x 0.33 lt Heineken Beer 24 x 0.33 lt
    Beer Amstel 24 x 0.33lt Bud Beer 6 x 0.33 lt
    Beer Without Alcohol 6 x 0.33 lt French Champagne 0.75 lt
    Campari 0.75 lt Red Martini 0.75 lt
    Martini Dry 0.75 lt Whisky J & B 0.75 lt
    Whisky Ballantines 0.75 lt Whisky Johnny Walker Red 0.75 lt
    Vodka Smirnoff 0.75 lt Gin Gordon's 0.70 lt
    White Rum Bacardi 0.70 lt Dark Rum Bacardi 0.70 lt
    Cognac 3* 0.70 lt Porto 0.75 lt
  • Snacks
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Almonds 100gr Salted Peanuts 100gr
    Chocolate Filled Biscuits 200gr Cream Crackers 230gr
    Hazelnuts 250gr Mixed Biscuits 400gr
    Pistachios 100gr Chips 180gr
  • Housekeeping
    Description Quantity Description Quantity
    Soap piece Laundry Detergent piece
    Dish washing liquid piece Surface Cleaner piece
    Toilet Cleaner piece Glass Cleaner piece
    Paper Tissues pack Paper Towels 2 pack
    Toilet Paper 2 rolls Paper Napkins 50pcs
    Plastic Garbage Bags 10pcs Deodorant Spray each
    Insecticide Spray each Aluminum Foil 10 meters
    Spontex each Sponge each
    Plastic Water Cups 50pcs Plastic Wine Cups 50pcs
    Matches package of 10 Plastic Plates 10pcs

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