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Athens - Kalamaki
The Marina of Kalamaki is located 11 km. from the centre of Athens and it is a 45 minutes drive from the Central Airport of "El. Venizelos" of Spata. Our offices lay across the main street opposite to the marina.
Additionally, we have a caravan inside the marina in front of pier 3, as a meeting point for our clients.
It can be easily reached by bus, as there are routes connecting it to Pireaus, the centre and the airport, that stop at the entrance of the marina. From and to the airport you can take bus line X96.

Marina Kalamaki is the largest in Greece and it offers facilities of hot water showers, W.C., card-phone booths, information office, port police office, coffee-snack bars and there are also various supermarkets nearby.  

Water for the yachts is available in front of every berth. Fuel is delivered by mini tankers. When re-entering the marina, keep in mind that it has mooring lines, so be sure not to use an anchor.
The marina is an excellent all-round shelter and the entrance is lit by Fl.G.3s9M and Fl.R.3s9M. Make certain to ask for more information about the hazardous reef of Ag. Kosmas, 1m S of the marina, and the Mermingia rocks which are 4,5m SE of Alimos in the direction of Cape Sounio.

For information upon arrival contact:

Mr. George Arakas: +30 6937266774
Mr. Laurence Kambanos: +306936966262
EMERGENCY NUMBER: +306937266774
Office numbers: +30 2109830153, +30 2109859101,
Fax number: +30 2109819564.
Lefkas - Ionian Islands
As of May 2008 MG Yachts has established its own offices in the Marina of Lefkas, inside the Marina beside the Harbourmasters tower.
Office: +30 26450 23492  
Mr Aris Economou               
Mobile: +30 6944 43 6241
  Mr Chris Spilios
 Mobile: +30 6941 49 5151
Base Lefkas - Ionian Islands MG Yachts MG Yachts / Base Lefkas - Ionian Islands
The yachts are filled with water from each berth and with fuel at the entrance of the marinas. The clients can easily get to the marina by bus or taxi, which is a 30 minute drive from the main airport of Preveza.

Several supermarkets for the yacht provisioning are near the quay. Taverns and restaurants, coffee shops and bars surround the marina of Lefkas, as well as car and motorbikes rental. Remember not to use anchors in the marina, for there are mooring lines in the water. The prevailing winds in the Ionian are NW during the summer period and they do not exceed 4B. Be aware of the reef and the shoal patch between Scorpios and Meganisi.
MG Yachts / Base Lefkas - Ionian Islands
For safety in the Ionian Islands our company has “Kamari”  a 7 meter rib with a cruising speed of 45knots in order to provide technical support or first aid to where it is needed most quickly and efficiently. We at MG Yachts are dedicated to our commitment for good customer service and this back up is just one of the things we do to ensure that our clients have the best possible holiday experience.
MG Yachts / Base Lefkas - Ionian Islands MG Yachts / Base Lefkas - Ionian Islands


Corfu - Ionian Islands
The marina of Gouvia is our northern base for the Ionian Sea. The meeting point is inside the port with our base manager Mr. George Panouseris
Mobile: +30 6947 810 443, Office: +30 2661 099973

The marina provides water on each berth has standard sanitary facilities and a supermarket. Restaurants and taverns are located at a small distance.

No vehicles are allowed on the premises, so the yachts are refuelled at a specific berth close to the fuel station. Kontokali, the village near the marina, provides exchange office services and has banks, car and motorbikes rentals, as well as regular bus services to the town of Corfu.

The airport is 20 minutes drive from the marina.

The prevailing winds vary from NW in spring and summer to SW in autumn. Inside the marina there are buoys at the south half of the entrance that denote shallow waters and mud bank. Do not use anchors in the marina, as there are mooring ropes.
Lavrion - Attica
This is a new marina situated at the southern part of Attica and approximately 18km. from the airport of Spata. Lavrion, in the ancient times, had mines of silver, which boosted Athens wealth.

It has providing information, card-phones, snack bars and coffee shops, as well as many supermarkets, banks, taverns and restaurants within walkable distances.

There are also frequent bus services to Athens. Water is provided in front of every berth and fuel is delivered by the fuel station in the marina or by mini tankers to the yacht. Upon return remember that the marina has mooring lines so do not use anchors.

The are prevailing winds are usually N-NW and the waters are sufficiently deep.
However, note that it is an area of high traffic, due to ferries for Kea and Kithnos.

The meeting point is in the main harbour in front of the yachts. Our contact persons is Mr. Takis Tsiropoulos, who can be reached at the following mobile phone: 6977 469 559 & Mrs. Alina who can be reached at the following mobile phone: 6975 876 071
Mykonos - Cyclades Islands
Mr. Karagiorgos Thomas  mob.: +30 6945666693
Paros - Cyclades Islands
Mr. George Kastanas
Mobile: +30 6944209624
Tel.: +30 2284023625
Rhodes - Dodecanese
Rhodos lies at the southern end of a chain of islands that stretch out to create the Dodecanese complex.

The marina of Mandraki is located below the Genoese Castle of Rhodos, and there are buses and taxis to take you there from the airport on a 30 minutes drive.

The marina has sanitary facilities, supermarkets, gift shops, information office, port police, currency exchange office and car rental office. Be sure to visit the old town of Rhodos from the inner part of the Castle and the market square. There are many options from which to choose, from taverns to restaurants of various national cuisines.

There are no mooring ropes in the water, so you will have to use your anchor. The winds are usually NW and their force is approximately 4 -5 B.
The base manager of our company will be available for any help you may need at the following numbers:

Mr.  Fotis Orfanos, Mobile: +30 69450 88890, Office: +30 22410 68239
Kos - Dodecanese
Base in Kos IslandThe island of Kos is smaller yet greater in archaeological importance, than Rhodos, since it is the homeland of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. The new marina is located one mile SE from Kos old harbour and offers high quality services to the visitor. The entrance is at 36o 53’ N 27o 18’ E, and the call sign is KOS MARINA on VHF channel 77. The marina has sanitary facilities, 24 hours patrol, water / electricity / telephone / tv berth facilities, fuel station, 6 major banks, ATMs and currency exchange office, baggage storage, information office, cafeterias, mini markets and grocery stores, laundry and souvenir shops.

The city of Kos in worth visiting, for its combination of modern buildings next to wonderful monuments like the Asklepion of Hippocrates, the ancient Music Theatre, the ancient Agora and the Muslim Temple.

Our company’s base manager is available to help you with anything you may need at the following numbers: Mr. George Ritsiardis and co-operators, Mobile: +30 6955039226
Skiathos - Sporades
The marina of Skiathos is our base for the Sporades complex of islands. It is surrounded by small taverns, quality restaurants, coffee shops and bars.
You can also find supermarkets and grocery stores within a walkable distance from the marina.

Water and fuel will be easily provided to you with the help of our base manager,
Mr. Kydoniefs Fragiskos,
Mobile: +30 6932 415 114 The airport of Skiathos is at a 5 minutes drive from the port and there are always taxis on 24-hour bases at a stand in the marina. The prevailing winds in this area are N-NE at the force of 2-4B. Remember that there are no mooring lines in the marina so you have to use your anchor.
Volos - Magnesia
Volos Marina is located at the center of Volos, a port city on the east coast of the Greek mainland, situated midway between Athens and Thessaloniki. It is the capital of the wonderful region of Magnesia. It also serves as a base for the Sporades Islands (The othe base for the Sporades Islands is at Skiathos). The meeting point is inside the port with our base manager Mr. Hatzigiannis Dimitris, Mobile: +30 6977 609 125