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We offer attractive programs for yacht management, which suit to any future or current Yach owner. Simple, you can sail your new own yacht without worrying about hassles of costs of insurance, marinas fees, space parts and maintenance. Leave all trouble with us! We will care for your boat and you will have only to worry for scheduling the period and the area of your holidays.

Because of our 40+ Years of experience in the yachting industry we are proud that we can offer the best solution for you by offering various different management programs, which you can choose from, tailored to your needs.
Why to choose us, simple we will care for your boat as if it was ours. We take pleasure from keeping yachts in top condition. We do not care for quarter earnings rather for the recognition of our business name and for the good long term relationships with our customers. Every boat for us is a new part of our history and our life. We love boats and it is our work, our life, and our passion.

We offer the possibility to buy your new sail yacht from us from famous shipyards like Bavaria, Benetau Lagoon, Elan etc. Our huge client base have let us to know the customer needs and to design the new boat accordingly with needed specification in order to be succesfull. The dream of ownership is easier than ever. You can enjoy the happy of ownership with the burden of it plus an extra income for you.

Our 40-year success is based on excellent customer satisfaction and superior expertise on boats. You can relax on your own boat which will be excelent maintained and it will pay for itself all the expenses and will generate a generous annual income for you.

Please contact us to discuss together your needs and design together an ownership program that best suit to you.  The company can also arrange the maintenance and management of pre-owned charter yachts or owner boats.

Simply contact our management team and they will be happy to help you

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