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We at MG Yachts continually strive to make our services and your holidays better! To this extent we have added the forms below to make the paper work required to charter a boat easier and quicker.

• How to book a yacht
Select the area, the type of yacht you like or just the size if you haven’t got a specific preference, along with the dates of your holidays and contact your local MG Yacht Agent or the main office of MG Yachts in Athens, Greece. It would be advisable if you are interested in chartering during the high tourist season to inquire about booking a yacht several months in advance.

Payment procedure
After reserving your required boat a Charter Party Agreement will be sent to you and the price that you will pay, as well as all other arrangements you have asked for will be officially stated on this contract, which is approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Merchant Marine.
Upon signing this Charter Party Agreement the amount of 50% of the charter fee is payable and the balance either one month before embarkation or upon embarkation.
Payments can be done by direct bank transfer, and by credit card (Master card or Visa) however no personal cheques are accepted.

• Sailing qualification for chartering a boat
According to the Greek Sailing laws you need at least one official sailing license in order to take over a Bare Boat.
As a sailing license the Greek Port Authorities recognize any official paper from a sailing school, a yacht club or any relative organization that has tested and can verify your ability to handle a sailing yacht.
The co-Skipper can have similar certification to the skipper; otherwise he can complete and sign a self declaration of skipper’s competence for the port authorities.
MG Yachts reserves the right to insist that charterers hire a skipper if any doubt as to their sailing skills arises during embarkation.


Skippered / Bare Boats
If you do not have any qualifications and you need a skipper, MG Yachts can provide a professional skipper for as many days you wish. Also a skipper can be hired even if you are an experienced sailor with sailing skills but you require your sailing holidays to be more relaxing and want to benefit from the skippers local knowledge. The skipper fee is always written on the Charter Party Agreement plus his provisioning.
Also we remind you that the skipper needs his own cabin as he is obliged to sleep on board from the beginning to the end of the charter.

• What is the procedure for boarding a yacht
There is a standard procedure that should be followed when taking over a bare boat. The check in takes place at approximately 17.00 o’clock on the first day of charter. The check out is arranged at about 09.00 o’clock in the morning on the last day of the charter period.
Usually the charter starts and ends on a Saturday and lasts for 7 days, 14 days, or multiples. However, we can start on any other day upon request and can make any special arrangement in order to fit into your schedule if this is necessary. This means that we can arrange the location and the time of your check in and check out according to your wishes and your timetable if possible. The check in-out of our yachts will be done by an experienced person together with the skipper of your yacht.
Keep in mind that you are responsible for returning the yacht at the pre-agreed place and time. 

• Cancellation fee
The provisions for refund in case of cancellation are specified in the Charter Party Agreement which is approved by the Hellenic Ministry of Merchant Marine.

• Yacht’s insurance policy
All our yachts are fully insured and are inspected every year by the Hellenic Registry of Shipping. In addition they are covered for third party liability with a sum insured equal or higher than the minimum required by the Greek Legislation. Yacht’s insurance applies to the excess amounts over and above the security deposit chosen by the clients. Also, the company cooperate with top leading insurance companies who provide full insure of the securte deposit suhc as Yacht Pool, Pantenius, Uniqua, EIS etc.

• Security deposits
In the aforesaid Charter Party Agreement you will see that you have to leave a deposit that varies according to the size of the yacht. This insurance means that you are responsible only for that amount of money for any loss or damage that may be caused.
To cover the security deposit we accept credit cards (Visa, Master or Card) and cash. No personal cheques are accepted.
There is also the alternative possibility for a Non Refundable Security Deposit. This is a fixed amount depending on the size of the yacht and is a lot of less than the original security deposit. In this case the charterer is responsible up this new amount and no more. If the yacht returns without any damage we refund half of the security deposit to the charterer.
MG Yachts reserves the right not to accept the non-refundable deposit. 

Contract formalities



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