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Yacht Ownership Program
This is the program for the owner who wants to buy the yacht of their dreams while at the same time getting a steady return on their investment. It offers fixed, guaranteed returns with no extra operating cost and without the hassle of running a business. In addition to all that the yacht is also available for your personal holidays every year.

  • Choose the yacht that you want. MG Yachts will then assist you with the purchase, the transportation, the setting up of a company in Greece and the configuration of your yacht for charters, with all the necessary equipment and safety measures.
  • Choose how long you want the investment program to last. Options available from 42 to 66 months
  • Receive 10% annual guaranteed income on the value of the yacht.
  • No additional operating costs for the length of the program.
  • Reserve 4 weeks or more of charter for yourself with no additional costs.
  • At the end of the program, you are free to keep your yacht for personal use, or MG Yachts can help you continue chartering it professionally or resell it at a competitive price.


MG Investment Μodel

Yacht Value 200.000 € ex. VAT
Annual Return 20.000 €
Annual Operating Costs 0 €
Total Returns (full 66 months) 120.000 €
Estimated Resale Value 110.000 €
Value of Charter Weeks 48.000 €
Profit 30.000 € - 78.000 €


Private use of 4 weeks annually spilt into 2 weeks high season (A or B period) and 2 weeks in the low season (C, D or E period). Any week in the high season may be replaced by 2 weeks in the low season.

At the end of the full charter program (66 months) the yacht’s estimated value will be around 55% of its original price making it a profitable venture from the 6th year onwards. Add in the value of your personal use and you could be profitable from year 4!


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